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Sisters Claire Chapman and Jo Cowan are magnificent multi-taskers. They juggle family life, raising children and also running a successful small business, Belle Bridal, which is growing by the minute. Their unique selling point? A collection of sample wedding dresses sold directly to customers at up to 50% off retail prices. Claire explains: “The dresses have either been shop samples or designer prototypes.

They have not been pre-worn and are not second-hand.” The women also cut costs to the customer by running the business from a bespoke studio in Jo’s home, Whetstone, North London. They pride themselves in offering a very personal service. Jo said: “All consultations are by appointment only and we book brides in for a two-hour slot. We try to have fun and brides can try on as many dresses as they want without feeling pressurised. All dresses are ready to take away immediately and we work with a local seamstress who undertakes all our alterations.

This means that we can help brides with very short lead times. Where other shops often require up to six months in which to order the dress.” The range of Belle Bridal gowns is impressive. The women store around 150 dresses from a host of leading designers in the showroom, ranging from size 6 to 18. The stock is also renewed every six to eight weeks. Now to the important bit, the cost.

Jo says: “We can save brides up to 50% off retail prices. Our prices start at £500 and go up to about £1,300. For example, we had an Ian Stuart cabaret dress in that retails for about £2,600 and we were selling it for £1,200.” Articles in the Evening Standard, Daily Express, Pulse Magazine and the Barnet Times have boosted Belle Bridal. The way things are going Claire and Jo will have a whole lot more juggling to do in the future!